I Wish I Had Fun Quizizz Like This When I Was a Kid!

You thought I spelled Quizizz wrong, didn’t you?  Nope, this was purposeful – because there is a really fun, really teacher-friendly, really engaging way to do do formative assessments (or just fun review games).  Quizizz is a great, free, incredible website and teaching tool that will have your students begging for more assessments…IF they’re made with Quizizz!


Here’s how it works:  You can access thousands of user-created, already-available Quizizz (and edit them to meet your own needs) OR make your own!  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s AWESOME!  To make your own, you quickly create a teacher account, create and save a quick multiple choice quiz, and use the code for a virtual room to give to your students. Students use the code to enter and submit a nickname or even use their student ID numbers (students do not have to register).

In teacher mode, you very simply enter as many multiple choice questions as you would like, and indicate the correct answer.  The right side of your screen shows what the students’ screens will look like.  It’s all very intuitive.  To keep adding questions, just click that “add question” button at the lower left-side of your screen.  For each question, you determine the length of time that students will be allowed (from 5 seconds to five minutes), which allows more time for more complex questions.  You can even add images to your questions!   Unlike similar game sites like Kahoot, both teacher and students are able to see both the questions and answers throughout the quiz.

Click START GAME after students have entered the join code. You’ll see a wonderful screen of teacher options that looks like this:


You can choose random question ordering with the Jumble Questions option.  You may opt to show the Leaderboard depending on the personalities of your students. I usually like to Show Answers at the end of a session so that students get quick review feedback.  There is an option for students to earn extra points for answering questions quickly, which turns the session into a speed drill.  Lastly, and this is everyone’s FAVORITE PART of Quizizz, do yourself a favor and leave on the Show Memes option!

meme1   meme2

The directions are right on the screen for your students!  They go to join.quizizz.com  and follow the prompts…it’s that easy!  They get to enter their name, and get a countdown when the teacher starts the game.  Then, students click on one of the four answer choices.  Quizizz tells them immediately if they’re right or wrong.

At the end of the whole session, your teacher screen is filled with more data than you could have ever hoped for!  It’ll look something like this:


Green indicates correct, red indicates incorrect, and at a super-quick glance you can make informed instructional decisions about who may need more support and who may need a new challenge!  If you click on the SAVE DATA button, it exports all of the results into a beautiful Excel spreadsheet.  BOOM – grading done!


New feature:  Quizizz has recently added a feature that lets you use it for homework assignments!  You can set a due date and time so that students must complete the session at home before time runs out.  Even HOMEWORK just got more fun with Quizizz!

Cool Bonus:  You can even send the game link to students (or other teachers to use with their classes) by email, website, or social media.  Yup, you can Tweet your Quizizz game or post it on Facebook for friends to play!

Here’s a quick video tutorial that’ll have you up and running in less than two minutes…if you’re not already:  Quizizz Video Tutorial

My Wish List for Quizizz:

  • I wish that I could choose from a list of memes to decide which ones would show up in my Quizizz.
  • I wish I could create some of my own memes and add them
  • I wish that there was a way to include questions that have no right answer choice (for fun surveys & polls)
  • I wish that there was a way for a session to be teacher-paced instead of just student-paced (for the teacher to ‘release’ one question at a time)

FlipQuiz…Look Out, Alex Trebek!

I stumbled across this site the other day, and I must say that I really do like FlipQuiz for creating Jeopardy-style review games for the classroom.  I know, I know, I know…you already have PowerPoint templates for this.  So do I.  But…this site is honestly just – well – it’s easier.  And prettier.  I like the way the questions appear large & in charge on the screen.   You quickly customize your questions and answers.  It’s web-based, so it’s available on any computer.  Once you set up a free account, your projects are stored online at the site forever…to use year after year.


FlipQuiz is free, but they have a paid option.  Here’s my advice…use the free version at first, and use it a lot.  Once you and your students are very familiar with it, you’ll just know if you need to even consider going to that paid version.  So what do you get for the ‘pro version’?  Well, there are a few perks, but they’re not for everyone, and the free version is honestly pretty good by itself.  The first paid perk is that it’ll keep team scores for you, but I feel like I can easily do that on my own without paying.  Honestly, my favorite “pro” feature is that you can insert images as part of the question.  Click here to find out about the other paid features.

The FlipQuiz site has a demo that you can click on to see how it works.  I really liked the demo – which is why I’m posting!  It’s eye-catching.  It’s user-friendly.  It’s stunning on a SmartBoard or even projected on a large whiteboard.  (Click on the blue word “demo” or the image below to go directly to the demo, which is kind-of fun!  My 16-year-old son enjoyed it!)


I tried to take a screenshot of the inital “create your own” page.  It will look pretty small on your screen, but if you can enlarge or zoom, you’ll see how very easy FlipQuiz is!


That’s pretty much it.  It’s basic.  It’s crazy-easy.  It’s a fun way to review.  It’s free.  I can’t think of a single reason for you not to add FlipQuiz to your handy-dandy teacher tech toolbox!

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EdPuzzle…My Favorite Web 2.0 Tool for Making Videos Meaningful!

EDpuzzle is one of the greatest teacher tools I have discovered in a long time. Really.  I wish I could’ve had this for my whole teaching career.  Oh, the wondrous things I could have curated by now!  EDpuzzle, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

1)  You are free!

2)  Teachers choose videos and you give simple tools for cropping – so that only the necessary content becomes part of the lesson!

3)  You let us set up classes and assign our EDpuzzles to whomever we want in those classes – and track responses!

4)  You have a super-simple, user-friendly, easy-to-learn site!   I learned to use this site without any YouTube video, screencast, tutorial, or workshop.  It was just pretty easy to learn, mostly because of the helpful tips you incorporate into your site and embed along the way!  You are SOOOO sweet!  Everybody is going to just love you!

5)  You allow teachers to insert voice comments while the video pauses – so that they can mention key points, focus students’ attention to something that is coming up, or reflect on something that just happened.

6)  You let us teachers insert text comments – allowing, once again, the video to stop for a moment while an important comment is textually highlighted on the screen.

7)  You auto-save!  You truly and honestly auto-save – and often!  (swoon!)

8)  This is where I truly, TRULY fell in love:  You, darling EDpuzzle, let us create embedded quiz questions throughout the video and track our students’ answers!  Multiple choice, open-ended…you let US decide, and for this, I adore you!  We teachers just LOVE formative data and setting a purpose for viewing!

9)  You let us set due dates – making “the flipped classroom” possible by assigning our videos!

10)  Your dashboard is extremely well organized!  You make us feel so special when we know where to find things and know how to put everything in its place!

11)  You store everything I do.  Forever.  You just save it in case I ever want it again...sigh….

Here’s a screenshot from my silly little trial EDpuzzle (but I had fun making it!)  See the cool on-screen tools?


Okay, here is the real test run for all my blog readers.  Please know that I was just being silly and testing EDpuzzle on one of my favorite videos, but you’ll get to see and learn all of the features of this (about 5 minute) EDpuzzle!

PLEASE, PLEASE click on this link to see it in action!  https://edpuzzle.com/media/5455234c7ffb209009f9c9cc

If you fall in love with EDpuzzle, too, it’s okay.  I’m not the jealous type.  

If any of you have anything I should add to this post, please just contact me @kerszi on Twitter, at My Primary Techspiration on Facebook, or at kerszi.wordpress.com.