I Wish I Had Fun Quizizz Like This When I Was a Kid!

You thought I spelled Quizizz wrong, didn’t you?  Nope, this was purposeful – because there is a really fun, really teacher-friendly, really engaging way to do do formative assessments (or just fun review games).  Quizizz is a great, free, incredible website and teaching tool that will have your students begging for more assessments…IF they’re made with Quizizz!


Here’s how it works:  You can access thousands of user-created, already-available Quizizz (and edit them to meet your own needs) OR make your own!  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s AWESOME!  To make your own, you quickly create a teacher account, create and save a quick multiple choice quiz, and use the code for a virtual room to give to your students. Students use the code to enter and submit a nickname or even use their student ID numbers (students do not have to register).

In teacher mode, you very simply enter as many multiple choice questions as you would like, and indicate the correct answer.  The right side of your screen shows what the students’ screens will look like.  It’s all very intuitive.  To keep adding questions, just click that “add question” button at the lower left-side of your screen.  For each question, you determine the length of time that students will be allowed (from 5 seconds to five minutes), which allows more time for more complex questions.  You can even add images to your questions!   Unlike similar game sites like Kahoot, both teacher and students are able to see both the questions and answers throughout the quiz.

Click START GAME after students have entered the join code. You’ll see a wonderful screen of teacher options that looks like this:


You can choose random question ordering with the Jumble Questions option.  You may opt to show the Leaderboard depending on the personalities of your students. I usually like to Show Answers at the end of a session so that students get quick review feedback.  There is an option for students to earn extra points for answering questions quickly, which turns the session into a speed drill.  Lastly, and this is everyone’s FAVORITE PART of Quizizz, do yourself a favor and leave on the Show Memes option!

meme1   meme2

The directions are right on the screen for your students!  They go to join.quizizz.com  and follow the prompts…it’s that easy!  They get to enter their name, and get a countdown when the teacher starts the game.  Then, students click on one of the four answer choices.  Quizizz tells them immediately if they’re right or wrong.

At the end of the whole session, your teacher screen is filled with more data than you could have ever hoped for!  It’ll look something like this:


Green indicates correct, red indicates incorrect, and at a super-quick glance you can make informed instructional decisions about who may need more support and who may need a new challenge!  If you click on the SAVE DATA button, it exports all of the results into a beautiful Excel spreadsheet.  BOOM – grading done!


New feature:  Quizizz has recently added a feature that lets you use it for homework assignments!  You can set a due date and time so that students must complete the session at home before time runs out.  Even HOMEWORK just got more fun with Quizizz!

Cool Bonus:  You can even send the game link to students (or other teachers to use with their classes) by email, website, or social media.  Yup, you can Tweet your Quizizz game or post it on Facebook for friends to play!

Here’s a quick video tutorial that’ll have you up and running in less than two minutes…if you’re not already:  Quizizz Video Tutorial

My Wish List for Quizizz:

  • I wish that I could choose from a list of memes to decide which ones would show up in my Quizizz.
  • I wish I could create some of my own memes and add them
  • I wish that there was a way to include questions that have no right answer choice (for fun surveys & polls)
  • I wish that there was a way for a session to be teacher-paced instead of just student-paced (for the teacher to ‘release’ one question at a time)

Quiz Those Kiddies With Your iPhone Camera…..Plickers!!!

Excuse me while I blow your mind.  That’s how I felt, anyway, when I figured out how to use this new-to-me web tool called Plickers.  I was so excited that I started running around my school to show other teachers this AWESOME tool.  Plickers is basically a student response system, but I really think that its creators have gone out of their way to make this an ourstanding piece of technology…and it’s free!  You’ll need a computer, a smart phone, a set of cards (which you print from the website), and it’s most helpful to have some way to project your computer screen for the students to see.

Let’s get you started!  First, you’ll want to go to the Plickers website.  Create your account, and then create your class.  You’ll enter each of your students’ names, and you’ll see that they’re each assigned a number.

plickers class

Next, click on the word Library at the top, and then start creating quiz questions.  They can be multiple choice or true/false. You can indicate a correct answer, if there is one.

plickers create question

Then, for each of your questions, you’ll click on “add to plan” and assign them to certain classes.

The next step is to print these miraculous cards.  They look sort of like QR codes, but you’ll notice that each one is slightly different.  To print the cards, click on the “cards” button at the top of the screen.  It gives you a variety of printing size options, but I just went with the standard.  The site recommends that you print on white card stock for durability, and that you NOT laminate the cards.  Standard cards print two to a page, so cut them in half and you’ll have 40 different Plickers cards.

plickers card

So if you look at the sample Plickers card above, you’ll notice that it has a number 1….that means you give it to student number one from your class.  The 4 sides of the shape each have a letter – A, B, C, or D.  When you project the question onto the board, students show their answer choice by holding their card – facing toward the teacher – with the letter of their answer choice at the top of the card.

Now for part two…you need the Plickers app for your smart phone. It’s free!  It syncs with the program on your computer.  When you open the app, you’ll click on your class name and then one of your questions.  That question will automatically show on your computer screen & be projected to the board (use the Live View option).  As your students hold their cards with answer choices facing you, click on the little camera icon at the bottom of your smart phone screen.  It activates the camera, which you then use to SCAN THE ROOM!  Yes – I’m so serious!  This is mind-blowingly cool!  The app honestly picks up each of your students’ answers and immediately imports the data.  You can see on your phone and on the screen whose answers have been scanned.  If you indicated a correct choice when you created the question, students who get it right will be highlighted green, and red for wrong answers.  Is this brilliant technology or what?

plickers class kids

I know…I know…you’re going to want to try this right away, and soon you’ll be running down the hallways looking for teachers with whom you can share this exciting Plickers thing, too!  But before you go, here are just a few thoughts & other things that I really, really like about Plickers:

  • Each card has a “QR code” that looks just a little bit different.  Genius!  Kids can’t look to see what their neighbor is putting up & just copy the answer.  The A, B, C, & D are too little to be seen, and the designs are all different.
  • The cards are reusable all year long, and the same set of cards can be used for multiple classes.
  • Data is imported immediately and can be viewed in the “Reports” section of the site.  You can view that data by student or by question.  You have it saved in your Plickers account forever.  Instant grading!
  • I tried this at home with my son tonight & he wanted to see how far away he could get from my smart phone and still have his answer be ‘readable’.  He got about 25 feet away, in low light, and we were both SHOCKED that his card actually scanned!
  • I would use this for….quizzes, exit ticket questions, review questions from a lesson taught the day before, informal polls (don’t indicate a correct answer), and I believe this could be used for any & every subject!
  • Teachers can immediately make lesson adjustments and informed planning decisions based on the data that is collected.
  • Students don’t need any devices.  If you’re not a BYOD district, a 1:1 school, or maybe just an elementary school, this is a great way to go high-tech!
  • Lastly, before you start Plickering away, below is a great video that I found that demonstrates everything about Plickers step-by-step.


Another EXCELLENT YouTube Tutorial

Third Grade Math Teacher Uses Plickers With Students

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