Put This One in Your POCKET And Save It For Later!

So I just found out about Pocket.  Good stuff.  Good stuff.  Pocket is another curation site, or basically a place to save stuff that you like in a nice, categorized way.  I have a bunch of these bookmarking-type sites, and I use them in different ways.  For instance……

  • draggo.com is a site I use to bookmark sites for my students.  It’s easy for them to use an navigate.  It’s simple for me to save things there.  It looks cute for kids, and it has tabs plus categories within tabs.  I like draggo for that purpose. (Here is a link to a former blog post about other curation sites that work well with kids: Click Here)
  • Feedly is a site I use to have all of my favorite blogs and news feeds sent to me.  If you haven’t used it, it’s sort of like a mailbox of your favorite magazines – and you get to pick which magazines make it in.  (Not which articles, specifically, just the magazines/blogs/news feeds).  I like to follow certain people’s blogs and definitely keep up with specific sources.  Feedly brings me exactly what I’m asking for in that way.
  • Pinterest is so awesome.  I use it to ‘pin’ pictures of things I like, want to make, ideas to try, places I want to go.  Basically, Pinterest (for me)  works like a big ‘wish list’ or ‘gonna do’ list, and after I’ve tried/done/visited some of those ideas, I’m just really glad I still have them saved on Pinterest.  I also use Pinterest to occasionally self-promote my own blog posts and articles.  I can follow other people on Pinterest, and other people can follow me.

You get the idea.  Different curation (bookmarking) sites for different needs.  Which brings me back to Pocket.  THIS is a site I have long needed for a completely different reason.  Sometimes, I just want to save a specific article to come back and read later.  Or a blog post.  Or even a website page.

Enter Pocket.  It’s super simple, works on all of my devices, and it has a bookmarklet!  (like Pinterest) It’s interesting that Pocket used to be called “Read It Later“.   I use Pocket when I’m on Twitter and someone suggests a blog post, but I’m trying to make it through a long Twitter feed and just want to remember to read it later.  On my computer, I just open the link to the blog post, then click my little Pocket bookmarklet that sits up there next to the URL line in Chrome.  Pocket kindly asks me if I’d like to name a category, I hit enter, and it’s saved.  For later.

save to pocket bookmarklet I also used Pocket for a recent vacation search.  My husband and I were trying to find rental properties at the beach.  Each time we found a website page of one that we liked, we just Pocket-ed it for later review.  Some were images; some were videos; some were just static pages. (I wouldn’t want to use Pinterest for this, because I don’t necessarily want my followers to see this kind of thing.)


Pocket is great for Christmas or gift-giving lists, too.  Again, I don’t want my Pinterest followers to see (Yes, I know I can create private boards, but I think Pocket is easier.)  I can categorize under Christmas, or get even more specific with Christmas- Husband or Birthday- Suzie…yadda yadda yadda.  Of course, Pocket has a search feature so I can find all of my things easily later, mark certain ones as ‘favorites’, and delete items after I have read them and no longer need them.

One more thing – Pocket has an app.  I use this just as often because it’s not that often I want to read an entire article or blog post on my iPhone.  In Twitter, if I just ‘long hold’ my finger on a blog hyperlink, it gives me the option to “send to Pocket“…and I use that a lot!   I don’t want to over-explain this site, because it’s really just super simple and fun to use.  Just get in there and start Pocket-ing your favorite stuff!  You’ll be glad you did……later!

And hey…if you didn’t have time to read this whole post or you want to revisit it later, why not just Pocket it!


EdPuzzle…My Favorite Web 2.0 Tool for Making Videos Meaningful!

EDpuzzle is one of the greatest teacher tools I have discovered in a long time. Really.  I wish I could’ve had this for my whole teaching career.  Oh, the wondrous things I could have curated by now!  EDpuzzle, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

1)  You are free!

2)  Teachers choose videos and you give simple tools for cropping – so that only the necessary content becomes part of the lesson!

3)  You let us set up classes and assign our EDpuzzles to whomever we want in those classes – and track responses!

4)  You have a super-simple, user-friendly, easy-to-learn site!   I learned to use this site without any YouTube video, screencast, tutorial, or workshop.  It was just pretty easy to learn, mostly because of the helpful tips you incorporate into your site and embed along the way!  You are SOOOO sweet!  Everybody is going to just love you!

5)  You allow teachers to insert voice comments while the video pauses – so that they can mention key points, focus students’ attention to something that is coming up, or reflect on something that just happened.

6)  You let us teachers insert text comments – allowing, once again, the video to stop for a moment while an important comment is textually highlighted on the screen.

7)  You auto-save!  You truly and honestly auto-save – and often!  (swoon!)

8)  This is where I truly, TRULY fell in love:  You, darling EDpuzzle, let us create embedded quiz questions throughout the video and track our students’ answers!  Multiple choice, open-ended…you let US decide, and for this, I adore you!  We teachers just LOVE formative data and setting a purpose for viewing!

9)  You let us set due dates – making “the flipped classroom” possible by assigning our videos!

10)  Your dashboard is extremely well organized!  You make us feel so special when we know where to find things and know how to put everything in its place!

11)  You store everything I do.  Forever.  You just save it in case I ever want it again...sigh….

Here’s a screenshot from my silly little trial EDpuzzle (but I had fun making it!)  See the cool on-screen tools?


Okay, here is the real test run for all my blog readers.  Please know that I was just being silly and testing EDpuzzle on one of my favorite videos, but you’ll get to see and learn all of the features of this (about 5 minute) EDpuzzle!

PLEASE, PLEASE click on this link to see it in action!  https://edpuzzle.com/media/5455234c7ffb209009f9c9cc

If you fall in love with EDpuzzle, too, it’s okay.  I’m not the jealous type.  

If any of you have anything I should add to this post, please just contact me @kerszi on Twitter, at My Primary Techspiration on Facebook, or at kerszi.wordpress.com.