Quizzy – Quick & Easy!

First of all, I just like saying Quizzy.  Second, it is THE EASIEST tool I have come across yet for making quick and simple multiple choice quizzes for your students.  By far!  You could literally create one of these while your students get up and wiggle to a GoNoodle for a few minutes…and I’m not kidding.


The opening screen…just go ahead and create an account.


You literally just populate this.  Title…question…answer choices.  Add new question if you want.  Attractive AND easy!


Be sure to put a check next to the answer that is correct…because Quizzy‘s going to score this thing for you when kids finish it!  


Choose Public or Private from the Quiz Settings on the right (I always choose private) and it just gives you a URL to share with your kiddies.  They go to that URL (site) and have the live quiz on their screens.  Just like that!

Notice the choices on the black bar at the bottom of the screen above.  You can print, trash, or share your quiz.  The printing option lets you choose whether you want to print the quiz or the answer key.


In case you were wondering, this is what their screen looks like….


…and this is what they see when they’re all done the quiz.


As soon as a student hits “submit”, Quizzy grades it for them immediately.  That’s quick!


This is what your “analytics” look like.  Simple, too.  Maybe not as detailed or complex as some other sites you’ve used, but this is pretty awesome.  I can see that five students took this quiz (okay, it was really just me taking it 5 times) and that the class average was 60%.

Need a quick and easy, super fun and definitely valuable formative assessment tool?  I think Quizzy is a keeper!


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