Quizzy – Quick & Easy!

First of all, I just like saying Quizzy.  Second, it is THE EASIEST tool I have come across yet for making quick and simple multiple choice quizzes for your students.  By far!  You could literally create one of these while your students get up and wiggle to a GoNoodle for a few minutes…and I’m not kidding.


The opening screen…just go ahead and create an account.


You literally just populate this.  Title…question…answer choices.  Add new question if you want.  Attractive AND easy!


Be sure to put a check next to the answer that is correct…because Quizzy‘s going to score this thing for you when kids finish it!  


Choose Public or Private from the Quiz Settings on the right (I always choose private) and it just gives you a URL to share with your kiddies.  They go to that URL (site) and have the live quiz on their screens.  Just like that!

Notice the choices on the black bar at the bottom of the screen above.  You can print, trash, or share your quiz.  The printing option lets you choose whether you want to print the quiz or the answer key.


In case you were wondering, this is what their screen looks like….


…and this is what they see when they’re all done the quiz.


As soon as a student hits “submit”, Quizzy grades it for them immediately.  That’s quick!


This is what your “analytics” look like.  Simple, too.  Maybe not as detailed or complex as some other sites you’ve used, but this is pretty awesome.  I can see that five students took this quiz (okay, it was really just me taking it 5 times) and that the class average was 60%.

Need a quick and easy, super fun and definitely valuable formative assessment tool?  I think Quizzy is a keeper!

New Name, Same Stuff!

Hi old friends!  It was time for a change.   My Primary Techspiration has evolved and earned a new name – Integration Innovation.

Integration Innovation

There are two main reasons for this name change.  First, I’m kind of branding myself.  As I’ve learned and grown and started branching out, I’ve zeroed in on a couple of areas on which to specialize.  My number one – technology integration – is definitely my biggest focus, love, passion, and specialty…and so I needed to readjust this blog title to reflect that expertise.

The second reason I’ve changed the name is due to feedback from many of you.  Over the years, I’ve been contacted by so many people who have asked about the “primary” part of “My Primary Techspiration”.  As an elementary person, I had initially tried to focus on tech things that catered to the needs of primary school teachers.  But, as so many of you pointed out, I was missing an audience and an opportunity, because most of the things I post about are great for every level and every age.  (Yes, I heard you high school teachers who told me that your kids love GoNoodle, too!)  So the type of content and the theme of this blog isn’t changing one bit.  You can still find all of your favorite “tips, tools, and tidbits” here at Integration Innovation!

And so thanks to my own need to specialize and to brand myself, plus your feedback about ‘casting a wider net’ to appeal to educators at all levels, I hereby rename this blog: Integration Innovation.  And I hereby present my cool logo:


(By the way, my Facebook page name has also become Integration Innovation…how’s that for branding?!?!)  All of my posts from this site are automatically posted to that Facebook page and to my own Twitter page – @kerszi    I hope you’ll follow along!

Voice Typing with Speechnotes

There are many voice-to-text sites that are now available to us, but one of the nicest and easiest I have found to use is Speechnotes.  This blog post will be simple and quick, like the site, because it’s honestly just an intuitive piece of technology.  What a wonderful and simple tool this is!

speechnotes logo

Speechnotes is free.  You don’t need an account or a login.  You don’t need to set up student accounts.  You don’t need to download or install anything.  You simply open your Chrome browser, click on the microphone icon, (you may need to “allow access” to microphone if you get a pop-up) and start talking.  Your words appear on the screen in an easy-to-read, distraction-free font.

Along the left side of the screen are a variety of small icons that allow users to do a myriad of things with what they’ve just dictated.  Options include naming, saving, filing, emailing, uploading to Google Drive, or just saving as a .docx file.

On the right side of the screen are simple directions for inserting punctuation.  At the end of a sentence, for example, if you say the word “period”, the program inserts a period.


Just for fun, I switched the language to Puerto Rican Spanish and tried saying some simple sentences in my best Spanish accent.  Aye caramba…this site even puts in the accent marks and tildes where they’re supposed to be!  This makes it equally wonderfully for your ESL students.  The site supports a pretty amazing variety of different languages.

Speechnotes would be great for young students who have not yet learned to type, students who have difficulty with typing, spelling, or writing, students with motor difficulties, ESL students, and a whole bunch of adults who just love the simplicity and shortcuts that voice typing allows…like me!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Will you use Speechnotes?  How?  You can share here at kerszi.wordpress.com or find me on Twitter @kerszi.  I also have a Facebook page called My Primary Techspiration where you’ll find this and lots of other great tech tips, tools, & tidbits!