A Googly Halloween

Gotta love Halloween!  We get to dress up as anything we want, pretend a little, and maybe live out a fantasy for a few hours.  When I heard that all of the teachers at my school were planning on wearing scrubs for Halloween, an idea popped into my head and it just kept popping!  An elementary computer teacher wearing scrubs…hmmm…whatever could that inspire?

Well…I just knew that I had to be a Google Doc!  

And that’s where the story begins…

Early in the morning, I climbed out from under my Google Sheets…

IMG_5166 (2)

…and I got into my Google Drive to go on a little Google Expedition…

IMG_5162  IMG_5140

…I arrived at my Google Classroom….


…dressed as a Google Doc…

IMG_5125     IMG_5150  IMG_5174

…and even brought some Google apps on a platter to share with trick-or-treaters!


I had such a happy, Googly day living in a Google world.  I’m sad that it has to end, because we’re not a GAFE school – yet!  I’m still hoping to do some persuasive convincing, and maybe one of these days I’ll put a Google Drawing of a smile on my face and it’ll be a little more than just a Halloween fantasy!

(It’s too bad there wasn’t a Google-sponsored Halloween costume contest today.  Maybe I could have won some Google Chromebooks and gotten my school put on the Google Maps! )


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