Make Your Favorite Quotes Look Fancy-Schmancy

Quozio is a free site that basically allows you to type in your favorite quote or saying, and then it gives you a bunch of options to make it look beautiful.  Sure, you could probably do this yourself with any word processing site, but Quozio makes it really easy.  For me, anyway, that means I’ll use it more often.  As teachers, aren’t we all looking for things to simply our lives?


The site also kindly offers a bookmarklet button, so you can just drag that little doohickey up to your browser bar and it’s right there to greet you every time you open your browser.

It would be fun to have students use Quozio to share their favorite quotes from a story, write Math rules, share ‘one thing I learned’ at the end of a unit and compile into a book,  write phonics rules that you can then display around your classroom, post quotes from a story WITHOUT including the speaker’s name and then play a “who said it?” game with the class…these are just a few ideas!  I’d love to hear from you about other ways you would use it for yourself and with your class!

If you use social media, Quozio also allows you to share your beautiful quotes via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  You could also just email one to someone and really make their day!


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